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Daniel L. Hightower’s Blog

21 May: Full Value?

Sometimes, it’s easy for a personal injury law firm to settle a severe injury or death case for a big…

24 Jul: Tractor-Trailer Crashes

Most owners of tractor-trailers keep them well-maintained. Some don’t. Most drivers of tractor-trailers are alert and rested while they drive….

21 Oct: Jury Service

When my friend asked me if I could get him out of his jury summons, I responded by saying, “Iraq…

10 Aug: Don’t Pet the Skunk

My friend, Jack Knight, says, “The only way some people learn not to pet a skunk…is by petting a skunk.”…

17 Mar: Baby or Bathwater?

Somebody asked me if I thought there are too many frivolous lawsuits today. I, like most people, define a frivolous…

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