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Since 1976 Daniel L. Hightower in Ocala, Florida has been standing up for the rights of people against those that caused them injury. Our personal injury lawyersworkers’ compensation lawyers, and social security disability lawyers have years of experience in successfully representing the interests of their clients and obtaining recoveries on their behalf.

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Personal Injury

The Personal Injury department of our law firm deals with mainly automobile collisions where the carelessness of another injures innocent victims. We also handle premises liability and product liability cases. Premises liability cases involve injuries to innocent victims caused by careless property owners or occupiers. Product liability cases involve injuries to innocent victims caused by carelessly designed, built or maintained products.

When an automobile collision or other incident occurs that results in personal injuries to an innocent victim, it is important for that person to promptly hire a lawyer who can protect their rights and their family’s rights and ensure that the necessary legal steps are taken to hold the responsible individual or  company accountable for the injuries and damages sustained.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers
Daniel L. Hightower
David D. Guiley
Alison L. Hightower

Workers’ Compensation

When someone is injured on the job, many questions come to mind. How will I continue to support my family? Who will pay for my medical bills? Will my job be waiting for me when I get back?

When work injuries happen, it is important for the injured person to promptly hire a lawyer who can help them navigate the complicated process of theFlorida Workers’ Compensation law so that they can promptly and fully receive the medical and disability benefits they are entitled to by law.

Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers
Daniel L. Hightower

Mark N. Tipton
Barbara L. Richard

Social Security Disability

Sometimes hard working. deserving people are unable to continue working due to an illness or injury. These people may qualify for Social Security Disability.

If you have applied for Social Security Disability and been denied, it is important to contact a lawyer who may be able to help you recover the benefits you are entitled to by law by preparing for and proceeding to hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

Our Social Security Disability Lawyer
Mark N. Tipton

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